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I am a Contemporary women's wear Designer and Visual Artist from West Philadelphia. My senior collection Stimulus, is a creative lense used as a means of self representation and self expression. Stimulus fuses the concept of stimulation and afrofuturism. It focuses on how the essence of african and african american culture and how the african american experience influences the world around us. As an african american designer I believe personal representation is critical. With limited representation and diversity in fashion,my goal is to push african american people and the african american experience forward using aspects of the culture with influences of the african diaspora. It is through my uses of texture, print, and sound I represent the new direction of culture while also paying homage to the past. “Stimulus” The Future Reimagined.

Abria Myers' contemporary design aesthetic incorporates intricate seam lines, asymmetry, bold silhouettes, and textiles. Myers born and raised in west Philadelphia, and is currently working as a tutor in fashion design at her alma mater Harcum College. Abria Myers, uses her work within this collection as a lens to capture the beauty and influences of her heritage. She not only uses her thesis as a means of self care, but also uses it as an opportunity to push the black experiences forward. "As an african american designer self representation is critical. Stimulus is the future reimagined." Her work has been exhibited in Moore's fashion show 2019 sponsored by century 21, and Harcum college fashion show 2017 winning best in show at a senior showcase. Myers received an associates degree from Harcum College and is obtaining her BFA in fashion design from Moore college of art & design.

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