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For my thesis project, I drew inspiration from my experience as a cancer survivor and my advocacy for the normalization of the use of medical marijuana to create the ultimate cannabis-centered wellness and research center. I created a facility, here in Philadelphia, for medical marijuana users to learn about the benefits of marijuana and to have the option of enjoying many hotel and spa amenities for a relaxing getaway. There is a stigma around marijuana and, although the use is becoming more popular, there are not currently any facilities that offer these features. The use of sustainable materials, soft curves, and organic shapes in my design evoke smoke rising into the air and dissipating. This imagery reflects the pain and stress that leaves the body when wellness takes over. With every floor that you ascend, the curves and “smoke” expand until you reach the rooftop restaurant, bar, and terrace oasis that truly connect the users with the nature around them. This project was meant to create a journey of true relaxation and wellness for users that are continuing or just starting their path of integrative medicine.

Originally from Wilmington, Delaware and currently residing in Philadelphia, Alexa Rosenblatt is an interior designer interested in how the forms of interior spaces impact the experiences of people that occupy them. Throughout her experience at Moore, she has faced many battles—such as beating cancer in 2017—which sparked her interest in and advocacy for medical marijuana. Her thesis project—a smoke-friendly wellness center for cannabis users—reflects this advocacy. Throughout her classroom and real life experiences, she has developed a strong and confident mindset to keep fighting, learning, and moving forward. In 2019, Rosenblatt competed in the Jacobs Engineering Group Student Design Competition and took home third place. This May, she will graduate with a BFA in Interior Design with a minor in Business.

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