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Allison Warren is an illustrator who enjoys creating graphic novels and making stories, worlds, and characters. She is about to graduate from Moore College of Art & Design with a BFA in Illustration. She has an associate degree in Illustration from Delaware College of Art and Design. Warren’s first graphic novel, Back to Life, presents a dystopian future that challenges the moral philosophies of structure and power, and a sequel is planned. Warren has already started her next graphic novel: a slice-of-life, comedic romance between a big city writer and a coastal surfer boy. Now, she works in her studio in Marlton, New Jersey with her cat, Spooky.

In a world stricken by disease, one society remained sheltered in a dome. After being taken away from his home, Dylan finds himself in a government facility. He and his sister uncover the dark secrets of the corrupt dictatorship. What secrets does this facility really hold? Will Dylan be able to expose the truth or will the cruelty continue?

Allison Warren is twenty-two years old. She was born and raised in Marlton, NJ with her family and her three cats. She works in her studio day and night—designing characters, worlds, and new stories to illustrate. Warren is extremely passionate about her artwork. She completed her first graphic novel, Back to Life, and submitted it as her senior thesis. She is in the process of writing her next graphic novel and a sequel to her thesis. Warren illustrated a children’s book in the summer of 2019 and plans to self-published her work in the future. Now, Warren is ready to walk out of Moore College of Art & Design’s virtual doors with her BFA in Illustration in one hand and her associate degree from Delaware College of Art and Design in the other. She could not be any prouder.

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