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I am a 3D modeler who extensively works on making environments. I model realistic environments focusing on interior deign with an emphasis on aesthetics, dimensions, and detail. When I modeled my dream office, I used complimentary colors and neutral shades to bring cohesiveness to the room. I love to use my work to help bring others' vision into reality.

​With my thesis project, I wanted to express my feelings towards my relationship with my parents and how it has affected my growth as a person. I wanted to do this through a choreographed dance and music, two things that have always greatly helped me express and process my emotions. I've always enjoyed all forms of art my entire life ranging from music, dance, digital, traditional, etc. As an artist, I like to think of art as my outlet for self-expression. The objective for this piece is to help people accept the things that have impacted who they are and to show them it's okay to be themselves.

Alyssa Rodriguez was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and hasn’t yet had the chance to go out of the country. Growing up, she was influenced at an early age by the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo NES game systems. She knew video games would impact her life. Required as a freshman to take a drawing class, she became passionate about realism. In the process of working on her thesis, she went through more of an emotional journey than previously anticipated and gained some closure of her past with her parents, beginning a journey of deeper self discovery. She makes work that is a reflection of the experiences and influences that made her into the adult she is today. She will graduate from Moore College of Art & Design in May 2020.

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