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All across my Life I have experienced a great deal of Loss and Love. Throughout all of these trials, I have gained a great sense of appreciation for living in the moment. The goal for my Fashion Thesis Collection, “ Give Me My Flowers When I’m Alive, I Can’t Smell Them When I’m Dead” is to have viewers stop and acknowledge what we have, before it is what we had.  I am a New Jersey native, and I have always had respect for fashion. My grandmother would wear these grand hats to church, with beads, flowers, and embellishments. Traditionally enough my Mom is very fashionable, and would always dress up my brother and I .My brother passed away a few years ago, and an abundance of flowers came. They have inspired me to create treasurable garments that have elegance, base and effect. Don't wait until someone passes to cherish and give them flowers. To brighten somebody's day, send them Marigolds. They represent the glowing sun. Baby’s Breath in flower bouquets aren’t just filler flowers. they signify the beginning, and purity. Each flower based garment has a different reasoning and explanation. Within my collection I am inspired by flowers when they are matured; fully blossomed. The petals of each flower, define the designs of every garment . During my interpretation of the flowers,I am able to create my silhouettes and appliques. The Flowers natural hues influenced my color palette and fabric selections.I use techniques such as laser cutting, painting, dyeing, and fabric manipulations. Working hundreds of hours hand creating those delicate flowers, each different then the next. Since Moore, I have been allowed to learn these crafts that have granted me a way to represent emotion and body throughout my work as a designer.

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