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Words & Stories is a book that contains a collection of timeless nursery rhymes that have been loved by children for decades and passed down through generations as a cultural tradition. Using only expressive typographic interpretations and simple shapes and elements, I have reimagined these stories with a playful new vision.

Self Portrait, April Mattox

April Mattox was born in Episcopal Hospital, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she currently still lives. As a child she loved to draw but wanted to do much more. Time went by and in high school she was introduced to graphic design and Adobe. She learned how to use Adobe programs and she was inspired by women graphic designers that came to visit her high school. She was inspired by the way they used their creativity and applied it to real life. She used this inspiration to make art by using shapes, big typography, and colorful color palettes. Mattox’s love for graphic design grew and her goal is to become a graphic designer: to create artworks, bring them to life, and to share her work with the world.

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