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I believe that it is our duty to be conscious of our impact on the world and to live our daily lives with the aim of protecting the earth for future generations. Humans have a strong connection with nature, yet many of us do not consider our everyday impact on the environment and ecosystem. In order to bring awareness to these issues, I want my art to make people question this impact. My artwork explores issues of environmental concerns while also depicting the beauty of nature. I enjoy the juxtaposition of the beauty of the natural world alongside its destruction. My simultaneous fascination and disgust with landfills led me to create my current work. My work is made up of discarded junk mail which is shredded and blended into a paper pulp and used to cover and transform found plastic waste into sculptural forms. My work is very much about the process of covering, similar to the way landfills cover trash with mounds of earth and leave them to lay for decades. Some artists that have inspired me during my process are Edward Burtynsky, Alexis Rockman, and Shepard Fairy. All of these artists use their art to spread awareness about current issues and I am inspired by their activism and methods of execution. I want people to walk away with, at the very least, a reflection of themselves and their impact. This research has helped me develop as an artist. My personal interests lie in using my art to inspire change, but also to express myself, and I believe this work achieves that.

Through her sculptures, Arianna Harder seeks to explore the issue of human impact on the environment. Her sculptures challenge the norms of everyday consumption and plastic use, and ultimately transform familiar materials into sculptural forms. Her use of solid white color is often juxtaposed against saturated natural elements that stress the ideas of nature versus human and regrowth versus decay. Harder’s work is rooted in the reality of the astronomical amount of time that it takes plastic waste to break down and how this is detrimental to the environment. Ultimately, Harder’s sculptures tell a story of humanity being the source of its own demise.

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