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I’ve always been intrigued by creatures and small objects. It was something about their aesthetic and how they disappear to the naked eye that's been something I’ve taken a liking to. A lot of my art work consists of whimsical illustrations of creatures and objects that are aesthetically pleasing.

My inspiration derives from fairy tales and stories about animals, nature and mystical findings. These are some qualities that I find myself carrying into my own artwork.  “The Great Conquest” shows the tale of a small mouse and his journey to save his village before winter. I wanted to focus my message on community building, sharing and making sure that everyone has what they need.

Within my work I veer towards a more traditional medium such as printmaking and painting. I started out my thesis using a printmaking technique called etching. I used copper and Plexiglas as my materials to carve into and made relief prints from them. Due to the pandemic, I had to transition my thesis to digital media. I do intend on completing my thesis traditionally once the pandemic is over.

I decided to illustrate three spot illustrations. I picked a sequence of three scenes and wanted to incorporate a lot of texture and colors to help carry out the narrative and make the viewer feel as if they were on the same journey as Esteban. 

Philadelphia-born artist Ashley Monteiro creates whimsical and energetic illustrations that allow viewers to insert themselves into another dimension. While incorporating methods of printmaking in her illustrations, she introduces the viewer to another way of creating narratives. Monteiro is a traditional artist who enjoys the handmade process and strives to continue to create through unique mediums. She served as a resident assistant beginning in her sophomore year, acted as a peer mentor to the sophomore Illustration class, and was a part of several committees, including the Student Leadership Board. While at Moore, she has received scholarships and awards such as the Harriet Sartain Travel Fellowship, the Happy Fernandez Women’s Leadership Prize, and the W. W. Smith Scholarship. Monteiro will earn her BFA in Illustration with a minor in Fine Arts and a focus in Printmaking. 

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