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Erin Winward is best described as an imaginative and passionate artist and designer who grew up in the Northeast Philly area. Her collection, Mademoiselle, is inspired by personal ideas and beliefs centering on ideas of strength, vulnerability, emotion, intimacy, sexuality, and female empowerment. She likes to incorporate mixed media techniques and materials into her creative projects to help design them into substantial works of art. Some of these mixed media techniques include fashion design, illustration, painting, metals work, embroidery, and collage. Much of her inspiration is pulled from personal experiences and how she interprets the world around her. Winward’s personal style can be described as being unique with edgy and vintage undertones. After graduation, she aspires to work in womenswear and hopes to impact the world around her by offering women clothing that assures them with a sense of empowerment and fearlessness, while also providing customers a sense of fulfillment through the ownership of her individual collection of one-of-a-kind garments.

This womenswear collection, titled Mademoiselle, consists of luxury lingerie pieces along with sheer ready-to-wear overlays so that women can wear it however they desire. This collection is inspired by personal feelings and beliefs about the artist with symbolic meaning behind the ivy and moon seen throughout her collection.

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