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Here I present to you the Fashion Design Department ‘s class of 2020. Professors Rose Kampert, Christine Torgerson, Daniel Velasco, and I, Nasheli Ortiz, had the pleasure of working with these designers on their senior thesis. It was a very intense year: full of laughter, critiques, sassiness, sleepless nights, vulnerability, and some tears.


The level of resiliency, compassion, and community was always present: from moving dress forms around and sharing food and materials for a great final goal to graduating and landing your first job in the fashion industry. And we went through all of this together even under less than great circumstances—we did it! And we will keep making it happen because, in the end, we know that we have each other and nobody is going to take that away. So, class of 2020 seniors, always know that at Moore in the Fashion Design Department you are home. Take care and stay safe!

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