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As a designer, I draw inspiration from life and add a touch of pink and sparkles. Colors speak louder than words. I started off designing in the third grade for my Barbie dolls. I began by using anything I could find—cutting up old costumes and gluing things together to drape on my Barbie doll—because I wanted things for my dolls that were not sold in stores. When I was kid, I was inspired by an episode of That’s So Raven in which she makes it possible to be both model and designer, because, as she says, “In case you haven’t noticed, people come in all different shapes and sizes, and they’re all beautiful." That is who I am as a designer—with a dash of pink and sparkles. 

My senior thesis was inspired by the jellyfish exhibit at the Baltimore Aquarium and my love of concerts. I have been to over seventy concerts in my twenty-three years of life and what draws me to them, besides the music, is the stage wear and set design. I drew from jellyfish to create my shapes, colors, and color palette. My love for concerts fueled the creation of my stage wear collection.

Jackie Kensey is a Philly-based fashion designer with a focus on both textiles and the business of fashion. She is a research buff and takes a creative approach with things she finds inspiring. She loves to incorporate anything pink, girly, and sparkly in her work. She has a very quirky and playful aesthetic. She has won various awards at Moore including Most Experimental at the 2017 Jumpstart Fashion Show and the Sis Grenald Leadership Fellowship in 2018. She has interned for Parker and Parker Black (a contemporary womenswear line) as a designer, Elizabeth Jones Styling (a tv and online styling service) as an assistant stylist and fashion journalist, and Femme Mag (an online women's magazine) as a fashion journalist. She is graduating from Moore with a degree in Fashion Design and a double minor in Business and Textiles.

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