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Somewhere Else is inspired by a chase for euphoria largely characterized by escapism. I try to emulate the feeling of escaping into a space that feels private from the outside world. Artists that have inspired this body of work include Bruce Naumann and Keith Sonnier, whose uses of color and light are especially intriguing to me as I consider the impact they have on any given space. Yayoi Kusama and her overwhelming use of repeating shapes, reflective materials, and illusions in a space has greatly influenced my thinking in terms of installations. Materials I use include papier-mâché, balloons, spray paint, glitter, acrylic washes, candies, and reflective materials. The colors I have chosen for this body of work are candy tones that represent the sweetness and dreaminess of the space. I also play with shadows and light within my work. It is important to me that this space feels a bit overwhelming to the senses, which is a feeling I believe can only be obtained through large-scale work. I give these pieces multiple lives by using photo and video to further create otherworldliness.

Jacqueline Timbrook is a Philadelphia-based art educator and fine artist who focuses primarily on installation and photography works. Timbrook was born and raised in Ocean County, New Jersey. Her family noticed she might be artistically-inclined when she began designing and sewing clothes for her dolls at a young age. Timbrook discovered her passion for teaching children through babysitting and camp counseling jobs in her youth. She showed works in middle school and high school art shows. At Ocean County College, she studied painting and drawing. Timbrook completed her student teaching at Penn Treaty School for grades six through twelve. Her love for music festivals has influenced her thesis work as she considers themes such as escapism, bliss, and the experience of having a personal moment among a crowd. Color and light play an important part in her work as she considers the impact they have on any given space. She received her BFA in Art Education from Moore College of Art & Design in 2020.

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