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As a comic artist, my goal is to build a connection between the world that I’ve created and the reader. I have a love for cartoons and comics, most of which are intended for a younger audience; however, kid-friendly content is currently widely enjoyed across age groups. It is my hope that most people would find the portrayal of absolute goofballs as villains and the breaking of the fourth wall as entertaining as I do. My style combines dorky humor with an intense plot. By combining these different aspects, I am able to draw in individuals in different ways through variation. Everyone craves some type of adventure and a world outside of their own; I offer mine to viewers.

Jamie Botak is a digital illustrator and writer based just outside of Philadelphia. He was accepted recently into the 2020 Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition. Outside student life, Botak works at a bakery and parents two rowdy cats, Frankenstein and Cat is Deaf (he is deaf and can't hear his name). Jamie hasn't slept since the Civil War because he is constantly drawing and working on projects, but in the end he's always ready to boogie down and show off some sick skills.

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