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Katerina Yusibova is a digital artist located in Philadelphia. Her work focuses on excessive consumption. She focuses on excess in multiple forms such as technology, the self, emotion, food, and sex. Using video, photography, gifs, and dark room printing, she creates eclectic and often intentionally disturbing and disorienting works which convey the over-stimulation and stress of existing in today’s society. Much of her work follows the current of Vaporwave—a Neo-Dadaist digital art movement—and copies visual influences from glitch art. Her work is meant to unsettle or overwhelm the viewer by placing elements of flora and fauna alongside visceral images such as contusions, vomit, and broken glass. The intention is not to create something beautiful, ugly, or even meaningful. It is done simply to convey how overwhelmed the artist feels. If the viewer can see more to it, so be it. It just exists as it is, in all its beauty and brutality.

Katerina Yusibova is a digital artist based in Philadelphia. The child of two Russian immigrants, she spent much of her childhood traveling between the city and country side of Russia. she has a fascination with metropolitan life and science fiction. At 17, she began going to raves and studying photography. She loved the excess of drug culture and urban life. Her work attempts to depict the confusion of existing in what the past would call "the future".

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