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Kelly Hare is a local photographer based out of Bucks County, PA. Hare explores local parks and spends time wandering in unfamiliar places to find interesting moments happening in the everyday mundane. Through the use of digital and film photography, she considers all the elements in the photograph and focuses on creating a perspective that most people do not see at first glance. Her primary objective is to get the viewer to want to slow down and second-guess the content. She wants to create a conversation about where the photograph was taken and whether or not it is real. She wants to show the viewer details that are missed in the everyday hustle.

“Unfamiliar Perspectives” is a series I have created to show the viewer what they could be seeing if they slowed down and took a minute to fully take in their everyday environments. I want to remind the viewer that there is always something interesting to be found in the mundane.

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