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The universe and all its complexities have always sparked something within me. I’m attracted by the unknown and the out of the ordinary. My work will almost always include some form of sci-fi/space theme. Surrealism is also an influence for me. I like to present people with something odd—something they wouldn’t normally see—that gets them to stop, stare, and try to come up with an idea of what the illustration means. My ultimate goal is for people to come up with a story of their own about my illustration.

These illustrative pieces are based off of the songs, also created by me, on the EP album Believer by Computer Wife. The album genre is synthwave/disco/rock/funk.

Leanna Marks was born and raised in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Marks is an illustrator who creates sci-fi surrealist illustrations of landscapes, people, space, and more. Her inspiration comes from space itself; ever since she could remember, she has been fascinated with it. Although her main focus is on creating artwork inspired by musicians, space, surrealism, and more; she also has experience in graphic design and likes to create templates for companies like recipe designs, beer and wine labels, logo designs, etc. Marks received a BFA from Moore College of Art & Design.

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