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My digitally animated film follows a young girl wishing she was like the rest of her family members, all of whom have accomplished amazing things. She reflects on the cosmetic things she has tried in order to be like them, only to fail each time. Her understanding of what it means to be great is skewed. I created this film and story because I believe that the size of our actions is not what makes us great, but rather how genuine our actions are. It is up to individuals to define what it means to be great and the girl in my story learns this.

Michaelah (Mikki) Flanigan grew up outside of Philadelphia in the backwoods of French Creek State Park. They enjoy creating backgrounds and environments that have an organic and homey feel to them. Their inspiration for these illustrations comes from the nature surrounding their childhood home and the tight-knit community that they grew up with. Flanigan’s spare time is filled with cups of coffee, knitting, and Sims-playing. One day soon, it'll also be filled with custom dice-making. Flanigan graduated from Moore College of Art & Design with a BFA in Animation and Game Arts, with a minor in Illustration.

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