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Mommy Krue is designed for all women who want to be stylish and carefree. Inspired by new moms who are experiencing a change of lifestyle next to their little ones and finding confidence within their changing bodies, I created a collection that is easy to style, very effortless, and always chic. Embrace your new life and tell your story!

Since childhood, Nadja Roberson has shown interest in fashion. It's the only thing she stuck with. Her mom wanted her to be a dancer but Roberson was only interested in sketching her designs and bringing them to life. Roberson is a ready-to-wear designer who goal is to cater to mommies like herself by making them feel good about themselves and letting them know they can do it all and look good while doing it. With her son Krue as the greatest inspiration in her life, she started her own brand by using fashion to make a support group for women. As a designer she wants to not only make garments, but to have someone feel on top of the world because they’re wearing her garment.

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