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As a designer, I love to create a design that is elegant, romantic, and classic. For my senior thesis, I fashioned a bridal collection that stayed true to my aesthetic. My concept for Sentimental Promises is based on the old English rhyme: “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” The apparel from the 1800s inspired me to create dramatic silhouettes that marry the past to the present. My designs will embrace sustainability, traditional elements, and a genuine modern twist of an age-old custom. I chose to create a bridal line because, to me, a wedding tells a story of two people’s lives coming together to embark on a new journey as one. As you scroll through the pages, I hope you experience the same path of joy and excitement that I received throughout my entire collection.

Noëlle Small is a senior at Moore College of Art & Design, earning a degree in Fashion Design with a minor in Textiles. She loves to create a design that is elegant, romantic, and classic. During her time at Moore, she designed a mini collection titled Soigné, which showcased her design and textile skills at Moore’s 2018 F/W Fashion Showcase. Fashioning a silhouette that compliments the body in a sophisticated way is what she does best. Small’s collection, Sentimental Promises, gives you an overall feel of her aesthetic. Small believes that fashion isn’t just clothes; it’s an identity that comes wrapped on a bolt, spun on a spool, and threaded through a needle. As you view her work, she hopes that you get a glimpse of her identity as a designer in the world of fashion.

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