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Photography and Digital Arts is a hybrid lens-based media arts major. Our students’ projects fall into the categories of photography, video, animation, installation, and post-internet art. The thesis experience in our major is a rigorous process that starts in the fall semester with theoretical and material-based research and that culminates in the spring with the presentation of a selection of the works that have been created throughout the year—as well as a substantial written thesis paper.

Each individual who comes through the PDA major is a committed student, a talented artist, and a hard worker. The class of 2020 is no exception. Each of the students in this exceptional group has created a sophisticated project that is based on a strong foundation of research and committed studio activity. Their projects have been vetted through a process of rigorous in-class and end-of-semester critiques. These students have risen to the challenge of creating accomplished thesis projects in the face of unprecedented challenges. We have deep respect for the work ethic they have exhibited and for what they have achieved.

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