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I am a 3D animator and illustrator, and my work is made to tell a story. The animations that I make have sad, heart-wrenching elements to them, so I want the audience to truly feel for the character that is hurting. My latest film, Heart in Seoul, is an example of that. The main character, Jae-ho, is a robot that wakes up with memory loss in a post-apocalyptic Seoul, South Korea. He then finds a picture of his creators and sets out to find them. With the virtual tools given to me, I aim to create cinematic scenes that are eye-catching and intriguing to the audience while having significance to the story being told.

Jae-Ho, the main character of my film, is a robot from a post-aacpocalyptic Seoul, South Korea. He journeys through Seoul trying to piece together his broken memory of his creators.

Sarah Barden is a 3D animator and illustrator. Her works are full of cinematic shots and animation that is meant to get the audience to feel for the character. Using the tools provided by the programs that she uses, she gives the character life and expresses her passion and love for art. While growing up, she watched a large number of animations that left her in tears. From those experiences, she learned that there is a way to get the audience attached to the story and that is what she strives for in her own work. Barden attended Moore College of Art and Design and received a BFA in Animation and Game Arts with a minor in Illustration.

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