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Taylor Gaither is an illustrator and character designer. She creates a world in which monsters take over, ready to change the way the world used to be. Gaither’s work is primarily digital—it has provided the freedom to create the dramatic look of the monster’s design—but she also sketches and plans in more traditional ways. She presents scenes of monsters taking action and introduces the new heads of the earth to the audience. Gaither enjoys world-building and character development. She is driven to create something new—a world outside of reality—for others to experience. She takes inspiration from stained glass windows to present all the monsters to the viewer. She is further inspired by Godzilla and other monster-centered works and credits artists such as Matt Frank and MLarty for giving her many ideas on character design. Gaither’s work branches out into a story of monsters that change nature and society as people make choices that are necessary for survival. Gaither’s many sketches, conceptual art, and model sheets related to the story can be found on her website.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Taylor Gaither creates illustrations of fictional creatures in another world—telling a story about them and exploring what they are and how they bring change to the people of earth. She uses inspiration from real-life animals to design the monsters and their reactions to their surroundings. Her work shows only the beginning of a dramatic story in which people no longer have control or power.

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