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I have always had a passion for interior design. Starting around the age of ten, I knew this was what I wanted to do with my future. The War Horse is a community center for women veterans. I was inspired by my husband who served in the Army for four years and, though he is a man, I wanted to do something for women since there is nothing out there designed specifically for them. To be a veteran means that you have served this country; yet there is very little out there for the people that put their lives on the line for us. War Horse offers to all women veterans a sense of support, reassurance, and community. The sole purpose of this center is to serve as a safe place for women who have experienced trauma and pain during their contracts with the armed services; as well as a place to receive support and to build a community with other women who have experienced the same things. War Horse serves as a hub where women of different races, religions, and backgrounds can forge relationships by meeting and bonding over shared experiences.

Taylor Smith, Reception Perspective
Taylor Smith, Cafe Perspective
Taylor Smith, Outdoor Courtyard
Taylor Smith, Second Floor Landing
Taylor Smith, Meditation Waiting Room
Taylor Smith, Second Floor Plan
Taylor Smith, First Floor Plan