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Victoria Gallagher’s photographic and mixed-media installation work explores ideas of identity through constructing intimate spaces by using personal materials. Tent is a domestic environment that is constantly evolving through disassembling childhood clothing, undergarments, jewelry, and bedding from the artist’s personal life. Gallagher invites individuals that are close to her to share the space. Within these moments of comfort and protection, she attempts to record the intimacy of being close and seeing yourself while simultaneously seeing others. Tent reveals the artist’s identity by placing her childhood memories and intimate clothing within the installation and on the rag wall of fabric. It is both a reflection and representation of Gallagher’s vulnerability with herself and others. It is a mirror and record of the consequences of intimacy and of seeing yourself and others. The space is constantly changing as she adds images and materials, layering blankets, pillows, and even childhood memories. Tent also acts as a photo studio/space of play where Gallagher invites her friends and others she is close with to make collaborative photographs. For these photo sessions, she allows her participants to pick clothing they feel comfortable wearing: items that show their particular identity and style. She has them bring in items that are meaningful or have memories attached to them such as old jewelry. Gallagher believes that objects can carry identities because we can feel so attached to them that we can’t let go. The photographs shot in the intimate space of Tent become part of both the installation and a series of images that combine her friends’ identities and her own.

Victoria Gallagher is a freelance photographer and artist based in Philadelphia. Throughout her time at Moore College of Art & Design (MCAD), Gallagher has collaborated with artists, models, and designers to make powerful editorial work. Her photography has been featured in a number of publications and websites including MCAD’s blog and Young Artist Workshop catalog, InLiquid, Philadelphia Sculptors, and more. Her senior thesis was featured on Artblog’s “Artists in the Time of Coronavirus” series.

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